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Gond Katira

Gond Katira

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Gond Katira or tragacanth gum protects from heat strokes. It normalizes body temperature in higher temperatures and keeps you hydrated for a longer period. It also provides nutrition and energy to mothers after pregnancy.

Gond Katira is one of the common herbs used in many Pakistani households during the summer season because of its cooling nature. It is a soluble crystalized gum added in sweet drinks to make them cold and soothing. It is also known as Tragacanth Gum and it is a natural gum obtained from the sap of the locoweed plant. 

Apart from being cool in nature, Gond Katira has exceptional digestive properties. Furthermore, it has a very high nutritional value. It is rich in fiber and provides energy in the draining high heat waves.

Benefits of Gond Katira

  • As discussed earlier, Gond Katira has extraordinary cooling properties that protect against heatstrokes in summer by balancing the inner body temperature.
  • In addition, its cooling properties help in maintaining the blood pressure of the body. Also, it can help if you have excessive nose bleeds in the summer. 
  • Gond Katira has high fiber content and an enzyme named xyloglucan hydrolase which helps in digestion. Moreover, these enzymes speed up the metabolism which consequently helps in weight loss. 
  • It is beneficial for urinary Incontinence and involuntary urinary situations. 
  • Gond Katira is extremely beneficial for new moms. It rejuvenates the immune system and brings back the lost energy of new mothers. 
  • Gond Katira is rich in calcium and magnesium contents which are necessary components for increasing bone health.
  • In addition to all the nutrition Gond Katira provides the body, it is also very beneficial for skin and hair. Its anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties work wonderfully on wrinkles and fine lines.

    How to use

    Gond Katira is a very common herb in Pakistan. Mostly it is added to lemonades, juices, and sweet beverages. For best results soak it in water overnight, approx. 8 - 9 hours. It will turn to jelly and become soluble. It is also added to milkshakes to smoothen the texture and also added to icecreams.


    Can Gond Katira be consumed daily?

    Yes, Gond Katira can be consumed daily in moderation for its potential health benefits.

     Is Gond Katira suitable for vegetarians?

    Yes, Gond Katira is plant-based and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

    What is the benefit of Gond Katira in summer?

    It is well known for its cooling properties. In summer, it benefits in lowering body temperature and provides a cooling effect. 

    What is the English name of Gond Katira?

     It’s English name is Tragacanth Gum.

    Can i use Gond Katira with lemon water?

    Yes , you can use it with lemon water. It will reduce constipation and boost digestion.

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