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Basil Seeds (Tukh Malanga)

Basil Seeds (Tukh Malanga)

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Basil seeds are known as Tukh Malanga in Urdu. However, people are more familiar with Tukh Malanga's English version i.e. Basil Seeds, which have immense nutritional value. In Pakistani houses, they are usually added to beverages. Especially in the summer season as they have a cooling effect on the body.

While adding to beverages, we may not notice how beneficial these seeds can be. Tukh Malanga (Basil Seeds) is used in many Ayurvedic and Chinese medicines for multiple purposes. When it comes to nutrition basil seeds are rich in calcium, magnesium, and iron. 1 tablespoon of basil seeds contains 15% of the RDI (Reference Daily Intake) for calcium and 10% of the RDI for magnesium and iron.

Moreover, they have substantial protein, essential fats, carbs, and fiber content. Eating 2 tablespoons of basil seeds regularly can surely benefit your immune system. You can use tukh malanga for weight loss also.

Benefits of Basil Seeds 

  • Tukh Malanga (Basil Seeds) have a high amount of dietary fiber, protein, and alpha-linolenic acid which aids in weight loss. For example, Basil Seeds have the fiber pectin in them that keeps you feeling full for a longer time. Moreover, it fulfills 25% of the daily intake quota of fiber. 
  • Pectin in Basil Seeds also helps with gut health. It nourishes the anti-inflammatory bacteria in your gut. 
  • Basil Seeds act as one of the best body coolants. In most Asian countries, they add to many beverages and juices to protect the body from scorching heat. It stabilizes the body temperature and provides nourishment. 
  • As per the research done on 2 groups of diabetic patients, the group consuming 2 tablespoons of Tukh Malanga (Basil Seeds) showed a 17% decrease in sugar level.
  • Tukh Malanga (Basil Seeds) can also help with constipation. Their gooey high-fiber texture helps with bloating and detoxifies your body from harmful fats. Furthermore, they neutralize the acidic effect of HCL in the body and help in relieving acidity and heartburn. 
  • Basil seeds have omega-3 fatty acids that provide energy.



    How to use

    Tukhm-e-Malanga is used in many ways. They can be added to beverages and juices. They are also added to ice cream and many other desserts for texture and flavor. You may add them to salads, smoothies, and milkshakes as well. In Pakistan, it is the go-to solution for battling heat and sun. 

    For maximizing the benefits soak 2 tablespoons of basil seeds in water before use. 


    What is tukh malanga good for?

    Tukh Malanga is renowned for its ability to help regulate cholesterol levels, promoting overall health and well-being. Moreover, it is widely recognized for its cooling properties, making it a natural choice for those seeking to manage their weight effectively.

    Does tukh malanga help in weight loss?

    Yes, tukh malanga has appetite suppressant properties that help to lose weight. 

    What is the best time to take Tukh Malanga?

    The best time to consume these seeds is to take them with a glass of milk or drink every night before sleeping.

    Can we take tukh malanga daily?

    Yes, it can be taken daily. It will boost the digestion process and help to cure constipation.

    How many basil seeds per day?

    One tablespoon of these seeds is enough for you to consume daily.

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