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Haloon Seeds / Halim Seeds

Haloon Seeds / Halim Seeds

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When it comes to seeds, they can surprise you with their nutritional value and benefits. The same goes for these tiny red seeds called Halim Seeds. Halim Seeds have many names and their benefits also have an extensive range. Their many names include Haloon Seeds, Aliv Seeds, Garden Cress Seeds Haloon seeds. In Pakistan, they are known as Haloon Seeds. The seeds have been used in many herbal medicines since ancient times. They come from an edible herb that belongs to the Brassicaceae family. They are rich in nutrients like fiber, iron, folate, vitamins C, E, K, and A, and protein. 

Benefits of Haloon Seeds

Apart from their general benefits, Halim Seeds have specific benefits for women and kids. 

  • Halim seeds are rich in nutrients, they can protect you from many diseases by building immunity against them. 
  • One of the main benefits of consuming Halim Seeds is that they help in treating anemia. They are rich in iron and vitamin K which helps in improving hemoglobin in the body.
  • As they are rich in protein and iron, using them after pregnancy can help in overcoming postpartum weakness. 
  • Haloon Seeds also help in lactation. As they are galactagogues (food for the production of breast milk), they help in increasing and maintaining breast milk production. 
  • Halim Seeds also help with hormonal issues. They regulate the hormones by regulating the menstrual cycle. 
  • Halim seeds help in weight loss as well. Like Chia and basil seeds, they also absorb water when soaked in water, which means they are rich in fiber. You can add them to your daily diet to stop random cravings for junk food. 
  • Aliv Seeds are rich in growth hormones, they can help in increasing height of kids. 
  • Aliv Seeds also help in reducing hair fall. 

    How to use

    Aliv Seeds can be used in many ways. 

    General Health

    • If you are new to these seeds, it is recommended that you start with 1 - 3 grams(half teaspoon) of Aliv seeds, consuming them 3 - 4 times a week. 
    • Once you are sure that they resonate with your stomach, you can increase the dose up to 1 teaspoon a day. 
    • You can also sprout them and add them to your cereals, salads, and gravy. 

    To Consume for Immunity

    • Add half a teaspoon of Haloon Seeds with warm milk and consume them before bedtime. 

    For Regulating Hormones

    • You can soak half a teaspoon of Haloon Seeds in water and consume them in the morning or evening.
    • You can also roast 3 - 4 teaspoons of Halim Seeds without oil, grind them and add them to your food. 
    • But don’t grind too much of them and grind a new batch after 3 - 4 days. 


    What are Haloon Seeds, and where do they come from?

    Haloon Seeds, commonly known as Halim Seeds are tiny edible seeds that come from the Halim plant (Lepidium sativum).

    What are the health benefits of Haloon Seeds?

    They are known to boost hemoglobin levels, aid in digestion, and promote hair and skin health. These seeds are also beneficial for lactating mothers to increase milk production.

    How can I incorporate Haloon Seeds into my diet?

    You can sprinkle them on salads, yogurt, or smoothies. They are also used in various dishes, including Halim Ladoo and Halim Drink.

    Are Haloon Seeds safe for consumption during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

    Yes, Haloon Seeds are safe and even beneficial for pregnant and breastfeeding women due to their high nutritional content. 

    Can Haloon Seeds help in weight loss?

    Haloon Seeds are known to aid in weight loss due to their high fiber content. They promote a feeling of fullness and can help reduce overeating. 

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