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Cashew Nuts Roasted

Cashew Nuts Roasted

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Cashews contain vitamins B and C. They manage blood cholesterol and regulate blood sugar as well. They are a great source of energy and protein which aid in keeping the bones healthy and strong.
  •       Manage blood cholesterol
  •       Regulate blood sugar
  •       Good for bones
  •       Great source of protein
  •       Energy Source

Roasted Salted cashews are a fun snack. It is almost impossible to stop eating them, once you have started. In Pakistan, Cashews are often used in desserts and many native foods. The nutritional value has its perks but usually, they are loved for their buttery, creamy take and salted sweetish taste, especially in the winter season. They are grown in South America, specifically Brazil, Africa, and India. In many countries, cashews are being used to make dairy alternatives, like cashew cream, cashew milk, and cashew cheese. Cashews contain vitamins B and C.


Are roasted cashews good for you?

Yes, cashews have a high content of antioxidants. Therefore, they are very beneficial for heart health and create good cholesterol.

How many roasted cashews can I eat a day?

15-18 is the average amount that can be consumed in a day. 

Is cashew good at night?

Yes, they can be consumed at night. They promote better sleep which is the key component for good health.

Can you eat cashews everyday?

They can be consumed everyday, but taking them in moderation is recommended.

Is cashew good for hair?

Cashews contain a multitude of nutrients that contribute to promoting hair growth. Upon consumption, these nutrients stimulate the production of keratin protein, a vital element for effective hair care.

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