Four Most Powerful Herbs for Men’s Health

This package consists of ancient ayurvedic men’s health herbs which include Safed Musli, Ashwagandha, Kaunch Seeds and Shatavari Powder.

Taking a combination of the four herbs is an effective way to treat a myriad of men’s health issues including impotence, erectile dysfunction, infertility etc. This is the perfect concoction of herbs you need, which works all year round to
alleviate problems related to men’s health. The countless benefits these
natural herbs provide can be seen on an individual level as well.

Safed Musli - White Gold

  • Musli has been used for centuries, mainly to ward off male weakness.
  • It is said to help with your overall health as well, making you stronger and fit and helping increase muscle size and strength.
  • It is a great herb for men’s overall sexual wellness and is known for being one of the best natural testosterone boosters.
  • It helps with hormone imbalances by lowering stress levels to increase libido, together with producing better quality semenand reducing fatigue.
  • It increases performance and sperm count while also relaxing the genitals to prevent premature ejaculation

Ashwagandha - King of Herbs

  • Ashwagandha is one of the most powerful adaptogens, a substance that helps the body cope with stress.
  • It releases the human growth hormone as well as testosterone and removes cortisol from the body.
  • It aids in reducing stress levels, helps with insomnia while boosting energy levels and improving the ability to concentrate at the same time. 
  • In a study, it was shown to be helpful in increasing muscle mass and strength when combined with resistance training.
  • Along with strengthening the immune system, it also rebalances the reproductive hormone levels. Some findings suggest that ashwagandha supports heart health by balancing out oxygen levels throughout the body and supports healthy weight gain through anabolic actions. 

Kaunch Seeds - Magic Velvet Beans

  • Kaunch seeds especially help with male weakness and they contain the chemical L-dopa, that produces a human growth hormone which in turn stimulates protein synthesis and builds muscles.
  • It is also said to increase blood circulation levels, improve joint health and decrease stress levels in the body.
  • As an aphrodisiac, it helps increase sexual desire along with testosterone levels, sperm count and motility.  

Shatavari - Queen of herbs

  • Being a powerful health tonic, shatavari reduces cholesterol and triglycerides from the body.
  • It contains effective phytochemicals as it strengthens the immune system and decreases stress levels.
  • It helps with the formation of red blood cells that boosts your energy and is also a rich antioxidant.
  • It additionally has anti-inflammatory properties, helps with weight gain, improves gastric health, sperm count and libido, and it enhances testosterone and immunity levels.
  • Shatavari is known for having a calming effect for people suffering from anxiety and it also increases blood circulation, helping with erectile dysfunction.

The combined benefits of Ashwagandha, Safed Musli,  Shatavari and Kaunch Seeds

  • The combination of these four herbs acts as a stimulant and a sexual performance enhancer. The herbs are known to be aphrodisiacs that help boost testosterone levels and libido.
  • They help with premature ejaculation and may remedy spermatorrhea and impotence.
  • These natural herbs contain chemical compounds that may help with cardiovascular health, act as vasodilators, help with inflammation, and increase androgen levels, which together contribute towards improved sexual performance.
  • They are used together to increase testosterone levels, for body building purposes and are also good antioxidants. Diabetics or people with kidney problems are recommended a much lower dosage and should consult their doctor before consuming.
  • The use of chemical-based substances can be very detrimental to your body and may cause damage in the long-run. These organic products can be a great alternative and are free from any side effects.
They have numerous benefits apart from the ones mentioned above. These herbs are said to revitalize the entire body as they increase strength and stamina. You may consume these with warm milk or water, preferably along with breakfast. For body builders, it is recommended to be taken before a workout session. Ages 24 and above can safely take these herbs. With their consumption, it is imperative to exercise and maintain a healthy diet to see good results. There is no downside to consuming these herbs as they are completely natural and have no side effects. However, in case of any underlying health concerns, it is always safe to consult a doctor before use.

Anyone allergic to asparagus may also be allergic to Shatavari. If you have diabetes or suffer from hypertension, you should consult a doctor or a licensed ayurvedic practitioner before use

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